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We are taking VoIP systems to a whole new level here at DKBInnovative. We offer several different system choices to North Texas that are affordable and provide the communication features you need. Our services include:

  • Digital and VoIP phone system selection
  • Phone system migration and implementation
  • Voice and data carrier selection and negotiation
  • Video telepresence, conferencing, and intercom solutions
  • Certified cabling and wiring for all voice, data, and audio-video needs
  • VoiP integration with Email, Lync, and CRM
  • Advanced call center services such as queue design, call recording, and call accounting

Hosted VoIP.

This method is incredibly fast and simple at a tiny monthly cost. With this system you can expect low start-up costs, month-to-month service, and flexible feature plans from simple to advance. This system is ideal for multi-office or highly mobile teams. Reliable broadband Internet is required (but we’ll take care of that!)

Dedicated On-Premise Hybrid Digital PBX – VoIP or PSTN.

This amazing system offers 90% of the functionality at a fraction of the cost of IP. You even have the flexibility to use either VoIP or your PSTN (traditional telephone carrier). With this system you can expect: high flexibility, scalability, and tons of features at a low entry cost; a digital system that uses your existing phone wiring; low capital cost; and the ability to use multi-line PSTN now and SIP (VoIP) later for the ultimate future-proofing.

Dedicated On-Premise Hybrid IP PBX – VoIP or PSTN.

This system does virtually everything you need:

  1. Automatic logging of call entries into your CRM.
  2. Routing calls based on caller ID directly to the correct territory manager, even forwarding to their cell.
  3. Allowing call viewing so you can route calls appropriately.
  4. Advanced, scalable features like call accounting and drag-and-drop call transfer on your PC.
  5. Easy web-based access for users to customize everything from “find me” forwarding to voicemail delivery.
  6. Direct integration into your computer network and applications.
  7. Highly flexible implementation – cost saving SIP (VoIP) over T1+, PSTN, or both for call redundancy.

The DKBInnovative “Freedom” Package.

This is managed VoIP systems at their finest. In this hands-free system, we take care of the phone system for a flat monthly rate with no capital purchase, giving you the freedom to take care of your business. With this system you can expect: little to no upfront costs (no upfront installation and no hardware to buy); on premise digital or IP PBX solution, fully configured to your business needs; fully managed and worry-free operation for the life of the service; and optional IP Network Performance and Carrier Management.

Want more information on any of these systems? Or need help choosing which system would work best for you? Contact us now, and we’ll help you get started!

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