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IT Services

Enterprise Level Support for a Wide Range of Services

All-Inclusive IT

DKBInnovative's Managed Services program offers the following advantages over traditional IT support:

  • Fixed monthly support investment to reduce and control operating costs.
  • A strategy for identifying and managing IT risks and continuous transformation to move IT to best practices – increases team productivity and protects data.
  • We proactively maintain your network at peak operation, so expensive fixes and disastrous downtimes don’t have to happen.
  • Cost effective access to enterprise-level technical support onsite and off– no more waiting.
  • Vendor Management – lets office managers focus on running their business, not vendors.
  • Peace of mind knowing all systems are monitored and remediated 24/7/365- we catch the sparks before the fire.
  • True alignment between your business and technology. Strategic technology steering with a working process to achieve measurable results.

DKBInnovative provides a comprehensive IT strategy that boosts productivity and accelerates business objectives. Our “one-stop shop” approach to IT ensures that a single call or email to us will handle all of your needs. We proactively manage and transform your IT to provide a superior, efficient, and reliable system that promotes a productive work environment for your team. We design and maintain infrastructure that exceeds regulatory security standards and provides the ultimate scalability, which ensures the execution of your growth and operations plan is accelerated, not hindered, by your IT.

Virtual CIO

It can be difficult to manage the demands of growing your business and choosing the best technologies to increase profit. DKBInnovative helps you with these problems without adding a chief information officer (CIO) to your payroll. We help through:

  • IT spend forecasting & P&L alignment.
  • Being your partner and trusted advisor. We know technology, you know your business. We bring this together through assessment of technology needs and alignment to business objectives.
  • Holistic IT steering, risk management, and executive communication
  • Evaluation of needs and architect solutions including vetting new vendors and managing existing
  • Lead transformation to best practices to both reduce risks and streamline IT support.
  • Strong client relationship with full accountability for managed environments. You and your business are our number one priority.
  • Help you make plans for improving environments and successfully execute them.
  • Providing amazing value through smart, business-focused investment (ROI).

Contact us now for more information or to get your own virtual CIO.

Computer Services

If (and when) you run into IT problems – be it accidentally deleted data, a failed hard drive, or something else entirely – you can count on DKBInnovative to help you recover and get back on your feet in no time. Relying on hourly services to resolve these issues is risky and very costly, running $80-150 per hour (plus mileage and travel time too, of course). Unlike hourly services, our Dallas help desk only profits when your network is running perfectly. Our Adrenaline Program offers unlimited IT support to Dallas around the clock. For the emergencies we can’t fix remotely, we send a technician out immediately, no matter what time it is.

Along with 24 hour support, we provide you with smoothly running computers and IT infrastructure along with the training and software automation your staff needs. Your business will no longer be slowed down by software updates or slow computers. We provide streamlined processes (such as downloading updates) from a single location with the most advanced computer automation and management software that exist. We offer end-to-end solutions with a single point-of-contact for hardware, software, and support. We also understand business processes and can help refine your SOP’s.

In short, we provide:

  • End-to-end Desktop & Network Services
  • Technology Lifecycle Management
  • Training & SOP Consulting
  • Back-Office Automation
  • Cloud & Data Services
  • Print Management
  • Software Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Virus Protection
  • Email Support
  • Green IT

Network Services

DKB Innovative offers Dallas businesses a managed IT solution that provides the performance of a full-time onsite IT staff, without the expense! Some of the many benefits you can expect to see with our Dallas IT solutions include:

  • Faster network performance with close to zero down time, which creates a more productive and efficient workforce.
  • Faster response to network and desktop problems. We fix most problems remotely, but send technicians to your site same day if needed.
  • Safer data with better backup technologies.
  • Prevention from and fast resolution of malware, spyware, viruses, and spam.
  • Strategies for identifying and managing IT risks, and continuous transformation to move IT to best practices.
  • Routine maintenance to prevent disastrous downtimes and expensive fixes.

Contact us now for a free consultation or more information on how we can make your network the best it has ever been.

Project Management

We know how busy you are. Projects can’t be forgotten and deadlines can’t be missed – that’s where we come in. Our certified project managers will help you manage your workload so you never feel overwhelmed and all projects are finished on time. Don’t let your project be part of the 70% of IT-related projects that fail to meet their objectives.

Mobile Management

Our mobile device management puts you in charge of your CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems at all times. You will be able to quickly and easily manage and update your information whether you’re on PC, MAC, Android, or iOS.

DKBInnovative offers these mobility solutions and much more:

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Solutions
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management) Solutions
  • Cloud, VPN, & Secure Remote Access Solutions
  • Blackberry Enterprise Hosting & Management
  • iPhone / Android Deployment & Management
  • iPad, Windows, & Android Tablets Fully Supported
  • Telepresence & Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Business Instant Messaging Solutions
  • Voice & Unified Communications
  • eFaxing Solutions

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

If you don’t already have a plan in place to prevent and minimize the impact of disasters that can compromise and destroy your data, you’re at risk. DKBInnovative wants to make sure you never have to worry about losing data. We offer a few different options to make sure you’re ready when disaster hits.

Business Continuity Planning. The key to managing risk is a well-planned and documented mitigation strategy for how your organization will quickly recover from or continue to operate after a fire, flood, tornado, corruption, or failure. Our solution is an easy three step process.

  1. Identify & Priority
    Our experts will identify and rank all weaknesses and threats according to how susceptible your operation is to these risks.
  2. Simulate Severity
    We run most likely and worst case scenario simulations to determine the severity of impact the threats could have on your operation.
  3. Design Disaster Recovery Solution
    We devise a customized recovery plan based on our results that will ensure the complete recovery of your operations within a timeframe your organization can accept.

Data Backups and Protection. Disasters, accidental deletion, and data failure and corruption happen. It is essential to have a plan in place to make sure your data is safe and secure. Our backup services include:

  • Encrypted, fault-tolerant backups both onsite and offsite in our secure, always available data centers.
  • Next generation backup monitoring and daily testing to ensure recoverability.
  • Image-based backups for resiliency of mission critical servers and workstations - recovery in minutes vs. hours or days.
  • Granular file recovery to quickly bounce back from accidental or rogue deletions.
  • Virtualization to an onsite "warm standby" appliance, or the cloud for Disaster Recover (DR), meaning maximum uptime for those key applications.
  • Fully automated protection for desktops and laptops.
  • Recovery experts available 24/7/365.

Data Recovery. Even if you take all the precautionary steps, accidents can still happen – files are accidentally deleted, a hard drive fails – and in those events you can rely on DKBInnovative to recover your lost data. Our team of experts will work with you before the accident occurs so that you have a firm plan of action to take to keep your business functional, and our Business Continuity Plan will help expedite the process of getting your systems working again. We provide Managed Remote Data Recovery Backups, Workstation Recovery Services, and Discipline Based Data Recovery Testing.

These services are secure and reliable, and taking these measures can ensure that your business is ready for emergencies and that you will never lose irreplaceable data. If you have any other questions, or aren’t sure if our services are right for you, please contact us and our qualified team will be more than happy to assist you.

Data Recovery

When critical data is lost, we get it back. We specialize in application, database, file, and hard drive recovery from a variety of media types including flash and external drives for workstations or servers.

It starts with a free quote and local Dallas data recovery experts will leverage a SAS70 type II compliant secure facility to quickly and confidentially recover your data. We offer the highest success rates, and if we can't retrieve your data, you don't pay. Contact us and our qualified team will be more than happy to assist you.

Web Development

For web development, we highly recommend the company we use and trust – Skyrocket Softworks.

Skyrocket Softworks is the force that can modernize your business and help you reach thousands of customers you never knew you had. Our focus is to design, build, and maintain anything from your personal websites to large-scale systems for your business. No matter what your specific needs are, our team of professionals will help you quickly modernize your business in order to increase your visibility and remain competitive, or simply get you started with a new online presence. In choosing Skyrocket Softworks, you are choosing a dynamic business and tech savvy team that will help your business skyrocket to whole new levels. Whether it's as small as getting a custom email domain or something as vast as creating custom software for your entire firm, you're in great hands.

Our services include:

  • Design. Aesthetics give the first impression. We design all assets to be modern, functional, and eye-catching- from logos to complete web design and even copywriting.
  • Development. We offer quick turnaround times for websites, systems, and applications that will let you reach thousands of new clients as well as custom systems that will help please your existing customers & staff.
  • Hosting. We offer the most human hosting you've ever had. Your peace of mind is our goal. Focus on what matters most in your business, and let us handle the backend. If you experience any problems, just give us a call and we’ll handle it.
  • SEO, Online, and Traditional Marketing. Our team will not only help increase your visibility to your target audience, but will also bring you up to speed in current social outreach practices. From full market analysis and research to targeted copywriting, we do what it takes to make your web presence skyrocket.

App Development

We make innovative software for the world’s greatest brands that has the ability to connect the entire business through one easy to use application. We've spent a decade refining our methodology that combines deep user insight with collaborative design and development to create meaningful user experiences across a broad range of solution types. We offer application development for oil and gas, healthcare, and a wide range of other industries.

With DKB as your application development team you can expect:

  • Experience Strategy and Design Research. We take the time to research your users’ needs, motivations, and aspirations, thereby discovering what they actually need, not just what they think they need.
  • User Experience Design. The best digital experiences are designed for the user, so our interaction and visual designers collaborate with our researchers, technologists, and digital marketing specialists to create designs that reflect reality.
  • Technology. We build software solutions that are aligned with your technology strategy and that evolve with your business.
  • Digital Marketing and Analytics. We review your analytics to gain further insight into customer behaviors, building an even richer understanding of what is important. When it's time to launch, our digital marketing team stands ready to plan and execute your campaign.
  • Oil and Gas. This is one of our main focuses. We help our clients streamline their operations.
  • Healthcare. We understand healthcare's challenges from the ground up. HIPAA compliance comes standard.
  • Software Suite. Employee Directory, HR Forms, AP Automation & Approvals, Lease Operating Statement, Well Header & Production, AFE Management.
  • Seamless Integration. No matter what you use, be it SAP, QuickBooks, P6, or DB2, we’ll get you up and running.

Contact DKBInnovative today for more information on our application development, or to get started.


DKBInnovative offers complete cable and wiring services for your business. We can retrofit your existing construction, or even get you started from scratch. With our wide range of cabling experience across many industries, including small and enterprise level businesses, military bases and military grade buildings, high clearance level offices, high security areas, border patrol, nuclear facilities, manufacturing facilities, schools, and many more, we can assure you that we know cable and wiring inside and out!

Some of our low voltage integration services include:

  • Complete design and build of rack room, technology closet, and MDF & IDF.
  • Complete design and build of voice, data, video, audio, and fiber cabling.
  • Complete installation of all cabling support.
  • Design from high quality racks, patch panels, telecom blocks, and electronics.
  • Cable Management, ladder racks, battery backup, and grounding of equipment.

Vendor Management

Running a business often requires a lot of resources, such as Internet providers, cloud services, phone systems, network setups, and much more. Managing all the different vendors can be extremely time consuming and difficult. DKBInnovative understands that you have much more important tasks to be handling, so let us manage all of your different vendors for you. If a problem arises in any of your different services, simply call DKBInnovative and we’ll make sure it gets fixed, even if the problem is not on our end.

IT Staffing

DKBInnovative offers a wide range IT staffing services that include contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire solutions. If you have a need for an IT specialist in any field or with any background, contact us and we’ll get you in touch with someone who fits your requirements. We take pride in this service, and put in extra effort to get to know our staffing candidates. We learn their personalities and specific skill sets so that when a request for their services arises, we can properly match them to the job. Our IT professionals feel competent with the tasks they’re assigned to, and you can feel confident knowing that we have assigned the right person with the right skill set to help you.

If you are an IT professional, contact us so we can get to know your skills. We’ll properly match you to a company you’ll love. We put you another step closer to finding your dream job. If you are a company looking for an IT professional, contact us now and let us know what services you need, and we’ll find the perfect match. We have a wide range of professionals waiting to start helping your business flourish.

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