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Welcome to DKBInnovative! We are the premier Dallas IT Consulting firm servicing all your business IT needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and all surrounding areas including Denton, Sherman, Gainesville, Wichita Falls, and Oklahoma City.

We provide complete Dallas IT Outsourcing services for managed IT needs and first- class Dallas Computer Consulting services, incl. all surrounding locations. If you’re tired of growing costs and never-ending cycles of renewals and new technologies, schedule a Free Consulting appointment today and let our Dallas IT Consulting solutions help you understand why we are called … simply amazing!

Unlike computer consultants who profit from failures in your IT environment, our processes expose undetected dangers and prevent them from escalating to un- expected downtime, loss of critical data, and costly business interruptions.

Oh and by the way, if you think our Dallas IT Consulting website is cool, just wait until you see us at work in your business.  Heck, you might even buy a rocket!